Campine Chicken is an exotic breed of chicken that originated in the Belgian city of Antwerp in the late 1800s. It is a light-bodied bird with a unique, mottled appearance. It’s plumage is light cream with small, white flecks throughout. They are a dual purpose breed, meaning they are good both for laying eggs and for meat production. They are a hardy breed that is well-adapted to free-range and backyard farming.

The Campine Chicken is a great breed for beginners and experienced poultry farmers alike. The breed is low-maintenance and generally easy to care for. They are not prone to health issues and very few illnesses are associated with them. The breed produces an abundance of large eggs that are white or tinted and have an excellent flavor.

Campine Chickens are very active and love to forage and explore. They prefer to be outside and enjoy running and scratching around in the dirt. The Campines will happily wander around the yard, munching on grasses, seeds, and bugs. They are also known for their friendly and social demeanor. They are great pets and do well with children.

The Campine Chickens are great layers, having an output of between 200 and 250 eggs per year. They can be expected to lay for up to five years, slowly tapering off in production. The eggs are large and have a thick, creamy shell. The yolks are particularly bright yellow in color and the whites are thick and creamy.

Campine Chickens make a great addition to any backyard or small farm. They are easy to care for, friendly, and excellent layers. They are an ideal breed for those who want a dual-purpose chicken that can lay plenty of eggs and provide white meat. Campine Chickens are highly sought after by farmers and chicken enthusiasts alike and their eggs are highly regarded for their taste and quality.