Cherry Egger Chicken is a breed of chicken with a unique combination of characteristics that make it a popular breed for both meat and egg production. The breed was developed in Australia and is a cross between the Isa Brown and White Leghorn. The body color is a striking cherry red, and the feathers are a combination of black and white. The birds are a medium size, with females weighing up to 6 lbs and males up to 8 lbs.

The Cherry Egger Chicken is known for its high egg-laying ability, with some laying up to 280 eggs a year. This makes them a great choice for backyard and small-scale farms that are looking to maximize their egg production. They also have a relatively short incubation period of only 21 days, meaning they can start producing eggs much quicker than other breeds.

The Cherry Egger Chicken is also well-known for producing plump and juicy meat. The birds reach butcher weight in only 8-10 weeks, meaning they can provide a quick return on investment for those interested in raising chickens for meat. The combination of excellent egg and meat production makes this breed a great choice for both home and commercial farmers.

The Cherry Egger Chicken is considered a gentle and docile bird, making them easy to handle and a great choice for beginners. They also have high disease and parasite resistance, meaning they require less veterinary care and medicine. They are also fairly cold-hardy, but do best with access to sheltered areas and plenty of fresh food.

The Cherry Egger Chicken can also live up to 8 years, making them a great long-term investment for those looking to raise chickens for years to come. They are also reasonably priced when compared to other breeds, making them a great choice for those on a budget. All in all, the Cherry Egger Chicken is a versatile and easy to care for breed that makes a great addition to any homestead.