The Cream Legbar chicken is a unique breed of chicken that originated in Britain in the early 20th century. It is a cross between a Leghorn and a barred Plymouth Rock. The Cream Legbar is a medium-sized chicken that usually weighs around 5-7 pounds, and is known for its beautiful, bright golden-buff feathers. The hens lay pale, blue-tinted eggs, which are especially sought after by farmers looking for a reliable, productive laying flock.

The Cream Legbar is a docile and hardy breed of chicken, with a friendly personality that makes them particularly easy to handle in the backyard farmer. They are active and inquisitive birds, often exploring the far reaches of their enclosure with avid curiosity. As a general rule, they are good foragers and do well in free-range settings, though some caged housing is often necessary for brooding.

The Cream Legbar is also a dual-purpose breed, as it is not only a great egg-layer but is also a decent bird for meat production. While the breed does not produce an abundant amount of meat, it is still a good option for those who want to keep their flock for both egg and meat production.

The Cream Legbar is a hardy breed of chicken that can adapt to a variety of climates and is surprisingly disease resistant. Although this breed can be susceptible to Marek’s disease, overall, the breed is relatively disease-free and is known to possess a natural immunity to certain poultry diseases.

The Cream Legbar is also quite prolific in its egg-laying abilities. Hens usually start laying at around 20-22 weeks of age, and can continue laying eggs for up to two or three years. The eggs are usually medium-sized, with a light blue shell and a rich, golden-yellow yolk.

The Cream Legbar is an excellent choice of chicken for the backyard poultry farmer. It is relatively easy to care for, is hardy and disease-resistant, and is an excellent egg-layer. With its friendly personality and attractive feathers, the Cream Legbar is sure to be a welcome addition to any backyard poultry flock.