The ISA Brown is a hybrid chicken developed in the 1970s in France by Influential French geneticist Isabell Ferdinard. It is one of the most popular dual-purpose chicken breeds in the world, due to its egg-laying capacity and meat production. ISA Brown is known for its friendly and docile temperament, and its ability to adapt to a variety of environmental conditions.

The ISA Brown is a medium-sized bird, typically weighing 5-6 pounds as adults. Their feathers are reddish-brown and they have a white crest on their head. The breed is noted for its strong, sturdy bodies and good egg production. ISA Brown chickens have a strong mothering instinct and can be used to nurture other breeds.

The breed is highly productive, laying about 300-320 eggs per year. ISA Brown hens lay brown eggs, which generally range from medium to large size. The eggs have a medium-thick shell and are noted for their high quality.

ISA Brown chickens have a good feed conversion rate and are fairly resistant to disease. They are a hardy breed and can withstand cold temperatures, making them suitable for outdoor chicken farming in cold climates.

Despite their hardiness, ISA Brown chickens need a safe, secure environment to thrive and lay eggs. They require plenty of space, protection from predators and outdoor access. The breed is generally not suitable for caged environments.

Overall, ISA Brown chickens are a popular choice for backyard keepers and commercial farmers alike because of their high egg production and friendly demeanor. The breed is also noted for its robustness and good feed conversion. They are a versatile choice and can thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings.