Swedish Flower Hen chickens are a rare and unusual breed of chicken, originating in Sweden. These chickens are recognized for their unique and striking coloring, and their loyal and friendly personalities. The Swedish Flower Hen is a small- to medium-sized chicken, with medium-sized single or rose-combed single combs. The breeds plumage is usually a mix of yellow, black, white, and silver. Often in irregularly shaped patchwork patterns.

The Swedish Flower Hen is an excellent layer of small to medium sized eggs. Their eggs are usually cream or light brown in color. They can be quite prolific layers, often laying more than one egg per day. They also make a great pet chicken. They are friendly with humans and can be inquisitive, following owners around the yard. They also make for good foragers, as they love to search for bugs and worms.

The Swedish Flower Hen does well in a variety of climates, and is quite hardy. They are relatively low-maintenance and can handle free-ranging and foraging for food. They do however not do well in hot and humid conditions, so those in hotter climates should look for other breeds.

In terms of care, the Swedish Flower Hen requires regular preventative health care like most other chickens. This includes making sure they have plenty of food and water and removing parasite eggs from the coop on a regular basis. They also need a secure and predator proof coop to sleep in at night.

The Swedish Flower Hen is an overall healthy and hardy breed of chicken. With their beautiful coloring, friendly personalities and prolific egg-laying habits they make a great choice for chicken keepers. They are also a great choice for those looking for a dual-purpose chicken that can lay eggs and provide meat.