White Leghorn Chicken is a variety of chicken that originates from the Italian province of Livorno, hence the name Leghorn. These chickens are some of the most popular egg-laying chickens in the world. White Leghorns are small in size, averaging 8 pounds and sporting a white feather color. They have red combs, white earlobes, and yellow beaks.

White Leghorn chickens have a reputation as being hardy birds that can survive in climates with cooler temperatures. They are active birds and will scratch the ground in search of insects, seeds, and other small food items. White Leghorns are well-known for producing high numbers of large, white eggs. These birds produce an average of 300 or more eggs per year, with some birds producing even higher yields.

White Leghorn chickens are known for their friendly and curious personalities. They are often used in backyard chicken coops due to their docile and laidback nature. Additionally, these birds do well in confinement, making them a great choice for those who are limited on space or want to keep their chickens confined for safety reasons.

White Leghorns can be kept by themselves or with other chickens, although it’s important to keep an eye on their behavior and ensure they are not being picked on by other chickens. They are extremely vulnerable to predators due to their small size and white feathers, so special care must be taken to secure any fencing around the chickens.

White Leghorns require minimal maintenance and can be raised with a variety of feed. They are particularly fond of grains, greens, and insects. It is important to provide these chickens with plenty of fresh water for them to drink, as well as a safe environment with perches, nesting boxes, and plenty of space to wander around.

White Leghorn chickens are great options for egg production, as they produce more eggs than other chicken breeds and are relatively easy to keep. They are also relatively hardy and do well in a variety of climates and environments. With proper care and attention, White Leghorn chickens can provide many years of faithful service, supplying their keepers with a steady supply of fresh eggs.