The Altsteirer chicken is a breed of chicken that originated from the Styrian region of Austria. This breed is a dual-purpose chicken, meaning it is used for both laying eggs and for meat production. It is a popular breed among chicken keepers, who value its cold-hardiness, good egg production, and distinctive appearance.

The Altsteirer chicken is a medium-sized bird, with males weighing up to 8 pounds and females up to 5.5 pounds. They have a single comb, small wattles, and reddish-orange earlobes, as well as yellow legs and feet. The feathers are arranged in a unique pattern, with a white neck and back, black wings and tail, and silver barring on the sides.

Unlike many other breeds, the Altsteirer chicken is quite cold-hardy, and can tolerate temperatures as low as -20°F (-29°C). This makes them a good choice for people who live in cold climates and need a breed of chicken that won’t be affected by the cold.

Altsteirer chickens are also good egg layers, producing up to 250 large brown eggs per year. They lay the majority of their eggs during the middle of the year, and can even produce eggs in the winter if the conditions are favorable.

These chickens also have a gentle, relaxed demeanor which makes them very easy to work with. Because of this, Altsteirers are one of the most popular breeds of chicken for small scale chicken keepers and are a great choice for anyone looking to add chickens to their small farm.

In addition to their good egg production, cold-hardiness, and friendly nature, the Altsteirer chicken is also a great choice for anyone looking for a unique breed of chicken. With its distinctive coloration and pattern, it is sure to stand out in any flock.

Overall, the Altsteirer chicken is an all-around great choice for both egg production and as an ornamental bird. With its unique looks and good temperament, it is an ideal breed for anyone looking for a dual-purpose chicken that is both beautiful and productive.