The Barnevelder chicken is an attractive, dual-purpose, friendly bird that is well-suited for small farms and backyards. This breed is one of the oldest and most popular breeds in Europe and is known for its versatility and hardiness. They have a strong and hardy constitution and a docile temperament, making them easy to manage and handle.

This chicken is an ideal addition to any homestead or backyard flock. The Barnevelder is a robust chicken that is a good egg producer, with a rich, dark brown egg. This breed is known for its glossy feathers with a striking black-and-gold pattern.

The Barnevelder chicken is a good layer, producing up to 290 eggs per year. They are fast growing, reaching a full size in only five months and lay an impressive 4-5 large, rich dark-brown eggs in their first year.

This breed is an excellent forager, foraging for bugs, grubs, and other small critters. It does well in both free-range and confinement setups and can be kept in medium-sized flocks. It is a medium-sized bird, with roosters averaging 6-7.5 lbs and hens averaging 5-6 lbs.

The Barnevelder is a friendly and docile chicken, making them easy to manage and handle. It is a great family pet and is gentle enough that they can be handled by children. They are also excellent at socializing, interacting easily with other breeds and with people.

The Barnevelder chicken is a great dual-purpose chicken that is well-suited for small farms and backyards. Their glossy feathers and rich dark-brown eggs make them both attractive and productive birds. With their easy-going nature and willingness to socialize, they are a great addition to any homestead.