The Columbian Wyandotte chicken is a breed of chicken that is an ideal choice for home laying purposes. It is an attractive breed with a full, wide body and a beautiful laced feather pattern. It is well known for its excellent egg-laying capabilities and it is an especially popular breed on backyard farms due to its hardy and friendly temperament.

The Columbian Wyandotte is a true dual-purpose chicken, meaning it is both a good egg producer and a tasty meat bird. The hens lay large white eggs and are relatively good sitters. They tend to be friendly and docile, making them good for younger farmers to handle. The hens can lay up to 200 eggs per year and the roosters usually weigh around 7-9 pounds.

The Columbian Wyandotte has an eye-catching appearance with its white accents against its black body. The feathers on the bird have an attractive laced pattern and its single comb adds an elegant look. The breed originates from the United States, from a town in Columbia County, New York.

The Columbian Wyandotte is known for its hardy nature and is especially resistant to diseases and infections. It can withstand cold weather and make adaptations for both hot and cold climates. It is also easy to maintain, making it a great breed for beginning farmers. Due to its friendly demeanor and good character, it is perfect for free-range or confined living.

The breed is not a particularly active breed, but they are lively and like to explore. Columbian Wyandotte hens are good mothers and make excellent companions. They are also very productive eggs layers, providing eggs almost daily.

The Columbian Wyandotte is a great choice for any backyard farmer. It is a reliable egg producer and an attractive breed with a sweet nature. If you are looking for a breed that is hardy and will provide a steady supply of eggs, then this is the breed for you.