Dominique Chicken is a poultry breed of chicken, originally bred in France. It is a light variety, developed in the late 19th century for small farm egg production. The roosters have a bluish-black plumage, while the hens are a rich golden brown.

Dominique chickens have a calm, docile temperament, making them easily handled and ideal for small family farms. They are also known for being good foragers, foraging for insects and other bugs in the soil and on the ground. This not only helps them find food, but also helps control pests in the farm and helps to keep the environment clean and healthy.

These chickens are also known for their hardiness and good egg production. The hens typically lay a medium-sized egg, and are generally considered to be a good layer. The eggs they lay are light brown in color and have a rich flavor.

Dominique chickens are also known for their good meat production. The chickens are typically raised for meat, but they can also be used for egg production. The roosters are usually slaughtered at a young age and the hens are typically kept a bit longer for egg production. The chickens have a mild-flavored meat that is smooth and juicy.

These chickens can also be used in show. Dominique chickens are sometimes entered in poultry shows and can be judged on their physical attributes and egg-laying qualities. The breed can display a wide range of colors, from blue-black to golden brown. The birds are usually shown off for their exhibition qualities, such as their attractive plumage and good behavior.

Dominique chickens have a long, productive life, usually lasting up to ten years. They are also known to be a healthy breed, with some individuals living up to fifteen years. The hens are usually quite small, maturing to only three to five pounds, while the roosters can reach six to eight pounds.

Overall, Dominique chickens are an ideal choice for small family farms, as they are easy to handle, good foragers, lay a good amount of eggs, and possess a mild-tasting meat. They are also good for exhibition purposes, with a wide range of colors and good behaviors. Finally, these chickens also have a long life, making them a good investment for small farmers.