Faverolles Chicken is an esteemed breed of French poultry originating in the 1800s. The breed was developed to satisfy the needs of a growing French poultry industry, providing hens that could lay well, yet remain friendly and docile. Faverolles chicken is recognized for its ornamental beauty, with its profile having a puffy appearance. The head of the Faverolles is full of soft, downy feathers, with beady eyes peeking out from underneath them. Its body has a voluptuous shape and its feathers are a stunning combination of black, lavender, and white. Its tail feathers often hang down to the ground.

The Faverolles breed is well-known for its laid-back and friendly temperament, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a pet chicken. They possess a sociable personality, happily interacting with their flock mates and even the occasional visitor. Hens are capable egg layers, with an average of four eggs laid per week. The eggs are cream colored, and in the right conditions can remain viable through the winter months.

Though Faverolles chicken is not known as a highly productive breed when it comes to meat production, the hens still produce a well-flavored bird that can be cooked in a variety of ways. The meat is tender, juicy, and flavorful, with a mild, game-like taste that is popular among many gourmets. The flavor of the meat improves when cooked slowly in flavorful liquids, such as white wine or a good chicken broth.

Hardy in both cold and hot climates, Faverolles is an excellent choice for those looking to keep chickens in their backyard. The breed is a hardy, low-maintenance breed that thrives on a combination of grains, supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables. Faverolles is also known to be quite a vocal breed, with plenty of loud clucks and cackles, which helps to make this breed a great addition to any homestead.

All in all, the Faverolles chicken is an excellent choice for those looking for both a pet and a productive bird. It is a graceful and striking bird, with its ornamental beauty making it a favorite among many spectators. Its friendly and laid-back temperament, combined with its delicious meat, makes it a great addition to any farm.