New Hampshire Chicken is a unique, healthy and flavorful breed of chicken. This bird has become increasingly popular as a choice among backyard chicken keepers. The breed is a Cold Hardy one and is exceptionally tolerant of cold climates due to a downy undercoat and oil within its feathers. The birds are also known for their attractive feather patterns, ranging from white, black and gray-green to shades of yellow and brown. The breed is of medium size, weighing 4 to 5 pounds, and is known for its consistent heavy egg-laying abilities.

One of the unique characteristics of the New Hampshire Chicken is its hardiness. It is a hardy breed that can withstand temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit. The tough skin and downy feathers provide insulation for the chickens, allowing them to stay warm in colder climates. The breed is also known for its resistance to common poultry diseases and parasites. The combination of these factors makes this breed an excellent chicken for the backyard chicken keeper.

The New Hampshire Chicken is an easy keeper, needing only a simple and low-cost housing system. The breed is known to thrive on a routine of mainly grass, some feed and grain, and access to a steady supply of fresh, clean water. The breed requires minimum grooming, such as combing out its feathers a few times per year. New chicks should be raised in a brooder until they are old enough to go outside.

The New Hampshire Chicken is known for being a heavy egg-layer, often producing up to 190 large, brown eggs per year. The eggs are high in quality and have a creamy-yellow yolk, making them great for baking and cooking. The chickens also produce excellent, lean meat with a great texture and flavor.

Overall, the New Hampshire Chicken is an excellent and healthy choice for the backyard chicken keeper. Its hardiness, cold-weather tolerance, and heavy egg-laying abilities make it an ideal bird for colder climates. The chickens are easy to care for and provide a steady supply of fresh eggs and lean meat for the family. With proper care, these birds will provide years of enjoyable, rewarding poultry keeping.