The Sebright Chicken is a small, gentle and friendly breed of chicken that was first developed in England, in the late 18th century, by Sir John Saunders Sebright. Sebright Chickens are beautiful birds that come in both silver and gold varieties, with each color possessing its own unique features.

Sebright Chickens are generally friendly, active, and very easy to keep. They have a small to medium-sized body, and they usually stand around 8-10 inches in height. They have wings that are slightly rounded and tail feathers that are long and narrow, making them quite graceful when they fly or run around. Sebrights are renowned for their beauty and are often featured in poultry shows.

Sebrights are low-maintenance chickens and only require minimal care and feeding. They tend to do well in both cold and warm environments and do not require any special housing or equipment. Sebrights are typically very active, and they enjoy having plenty of green grass and open space to roam around and scratch at.

Sebrights are known to lay large amounts of eggs, usually one every day or every other day. They lay medium to large light brown or white eggs that are a favorite among many chicken fanciers. They are also known for their great fertility, often achieving a significant hatching rate if given the proper conditions.

Finally, Sebrights are quite vocal and can sometimes be heard making a loud, distinctive call. Their call has been described as a loud, honking sound, and it is often used to alert the flock that there is danger nearby.

Overall, Sebright Chickens are an ideal breed for any homesteader or backyard chicken keeper who is looking for a small, gentle and friendly breed to add to their flock. They are fairly low-maintenance, produce great amounts of eggs, and also make for beautiful show birds.