Ayam Cemani is a rare breed of chicken originating from Indonesia. It is also known as the ‘Lamborghini of chickens’ for its unique and striking jet-black color. This breed is sought after for its unique appearance, which is often described as ‘inky black’ or ‘vampire-like’. The Black Plumage is an even black color on the feathers, beak, eyes, and even inside of the mouth.

Ayam Cemani is a dual-purpose breed, meaning it is suitable for both egg-production and meat. While it is not known for high egg-production, its eggs are known for their dark color, as the breed is homozygous for grey. This breed of chicken is also known for its docile nature; they are calm and friendly and tend to be quite social.

Ayam Cemani is a rather slow-growing breed; it takes the bird around nine months to fully mature. Therefore, they are not recommended for meat production purposes. While they are not a large breed, they do have a good amount of meat on the carcass. The meat is often described as being flavorful and juicy.

The Ayam Cemani is an expensive breed due to its rarity. It costs a start-up cost of around 1,000 to ,000 for a single bird. This cost is due to the unique genetics of this breed; the black color is a result of a genetic mutation known as fibromelanosis. This mutation makes the bird’s skin, feathers and even internal organs, organs black.

Due to the rarity and high cost, many chicken enthusiasts often purchase Ayam Cemani eggs and hatch them out themselves. This is a good way for people to experience the unique breed without investing a high cost upfront.

Overall, the Ayam Cemani is a unique and rare breed of chicken known for its striking black color. It is suitable for dual-purpose, laying dark-colored eggs, and is known for its docile and friendly nature. It is a slow-growing breed and is quite expensive due to its rarity, though many people opt to purchase eggs and hatch their own birds instead.