The Houdan chicken is a unique breed of chicken that is sure to draw attention in any backyard flock. It is sometimes referred to as the “hidden diamond” of poultry owning. The Houdan was first developed in France in the 1800s. It is considered a very old breed, and has some characteristics that set it apart from other breeds.

The Houdan chicken has a very distinct appearance. It is a medium-sized breed, with a single comb, five toes on each foot, and a barred/mottled pattern to its feathers. The mottled pattern is what makes the Houdan so unique, and you can find birds with various combinations of white and black, as well as some with small amounts of blue or lavender. Houdan chickens also have a tufted crest of feathers on their heads which is sometimes referred to as the “Houdan Feather Cap”.

The temperament of the Houdan chicken is also quite unique. They are active birds and tend to do better in a free-range system. They are also quite alert and will let you know when something isn’t quite right. The Houdan can be quite friendly, although they are not as playful as other breeds. They are also known for being good foragers, which makes them an excellent choice for a small backyard flock.

When it comes to egg production, the Houdan is not a heavy layer. Generally, they will lay four to five medium-sized white eggs per week in the spring and summer. During the rest of the year, the Houdan chickens will lay fewer eggs, usually around two or three weekly.

The Houdan is an excellent choice for those looking for an ornamental breed, or a pet chicken. They are hardy birds and can handle most climates, although they prefer cooler weather. As they have an alert and active personality, they also make good guard chickens and will protect their flock.

Overall, the Houdan chicken is a beautiful and unique breed of chicken. Their distinct plumage, friendly disposition, and low egg production makes them a favorite among backyard chicken keepers. Whether you’re looking for an ornamental breed, a pet chicken, or a breed to guard your flock, the Houdan is a great choice!