Old English Game is a breed of chicken that has become popular among poultry enthusiasts as well as show breeders. This breed is extremely hardy, resilient, and vigorous which makes them a suitable choice for small farms and backyards. The Old English Game is a large and wide-bodied chicken with a single comb, and a curved and hook-tipped beak. They exhibit a wide range of color varieties, and the hens have an orange shank and toe color. The males of this breed have a saddle, and they typically weigh around six to eight pounds while the females weigh around four to six pounds.

The Old English Game breed is one of the oldest chicken breeds and is believed to be of Asiatic descent. However, there is much debate over its origin. This breed is known for its excellent egg production, and it is said to lay around five eggs a week, on average. Its eggs are white and small in size, and they are considered to be of excellent quality. The feathers of this breed are also generally used to create flies for tying fly fishing lures, and because of this, they can be an important asset to farmers.

Old English Game chickens are also known for their remarkable hardiness and strong will. This breed is known for being very active and robust, and they are more than capable of tolerating cold weather. They are also very good foragers and love to roam around fields, looking for food. They tend to be social birds, and they love to be around humans.

This breed is also known for its temperamental behavior, and its males can be very aggressive and territorial. Though this breed is not recommended for novice poultry keepers, it is an excellent choice for those with more experience. Old English Game chickens make great pets and are also a great choice for showmanship.

In conclusion, the Old English Game breed is a great choice for those looking to keep chickens. They are hardy, active, and make excellent egg layers. They are also great pets and show birds that are well-loved by poultry enthusiasts. The only thing one should be aware of is their aggressive nature and be sure to take proper precautions when handling them.