Onagadori is the name of a long-tailed Japanese chicken that is highly prized in the world of poultry breeding. It is a rare breed and is native to Japan. In fact, it is considered an endangered species and is the only bird that is listed as an endangered species by the Japanese government.

The Onagadori is a very large breed of chicken, with some males reaching lengths of seven feet or more. The tail feathers are white at the base, with a black tip and can reach up to four feet in length. The Onagadori’s feathers are also longer and more wispy than those of other breeds of chickens. This makes them particularly difficult to breed and the birds are quite expensive.

Onagadori are also very friendly and social birds that are often kept as pets. They are highly intelligent and some have even been taught to dance and play tricks. They love to eat and can take quite a bit of food during the day.

The Onagadori is a symbol of status in Japan, and keeping one is seen as a sign of wealth and prestige. In fact, the Japanese government has imposed strict laws on the ownership and breeding of the birds, which has helped to ensure that their population remains stable.

The Onagadori is a hardy breed and is known to have a long lifespan. It is said that if an Onagadori is kept and cared for properly, it can live for up to 25 years, which is much longer than many other breeds of chickens.

Breeders of the Onagadori often have to meet special criteria in order for the birds to be accepted into an exhibition. The birds must have their tails measured to make sure their tail feathers reach the expected length, and a DNA test is also usually required to make sure the bird is a purebred.

The Onagadori is a beautiful bird and is highly prized in the world of poultry breeding. It is a rare and expensive breed and is often kept as a pet due to its friendly nature, intelligence, and long life span.