Bangur Pig is an Indian breed of domestic pig that is native to the state of Assam in northeastern India. The Bangur Pig is an intelligent breed that is known for its hardiness and resistance to disease. It is a medium-sized pig, with an average weight of 180-200 pounds and an average height of 30-35 inches. The Bangur Pig has a docile temperament and is an easy keeper.

The Bangur Pig is well-known for its thick, bristly coat of hair in shades of black, brown, red, and white. The coat is short, coarse, and has a thick undercoat, designed to keep the pig warm during cold winters. The color of the coat may vary, depending on the breed.

The Bangur Pig is an excellent choice for farmers, as it is highly productive and can be used for both meat and lard production. It is considered a great option for small-scale farms, as it requires minimal space and feed. The Bangur Pig is also relatively small and has a comfortable disposition, making it easy to handle.

The Bangur Pig is known for its high feed conversion efficiency and reproduction rate. It is a docile breed that does not require much maintenance. The Bangur Pig can thrive in almost any environment, and is known for its hardiness and resistance to disease.

The Bangur Pig has an excellent rate of feed conversion efficiency, meaning that it can convert feed into pork quickly and with minimal losses. This makes the breed ideal for small-scale farmers, as it can provide a steady supply of pork without requiring a large investment in feed.

The Bangur Pig is also known for its high reproductive rate. They can produce up to six piglets in a litter, and some breeders have reported litters of up to eight piglets. This makes the breed an excellent choice for those looking to increase their pork production.

Overall, the Bangur Pig is an excellent choice for small-scale farmers looking for a hardy and productive breed of pig. With its thick coat of bristly hair, high feed conversion efficiency, and high reproductive rate, the Bangur Pig is an ideal choice for those looking for an easy-to-care-for pig.