The Belarus Black Pied pig is a rare pig breed that is native to the country of Belarus. It is a hardy animal that is known for its superior meat quality and flavor. The breed is highly adaptable and can thrive in most climates and conditions.

The breed has black and white coloring, with the majority of the pig being black and smaller white patches spread throughout the body. The breed has an average weight of around 400-500 lbs. at maturity and can reach lengths of 2.2-2.5 meters.

The Belarus Black Pied pig is a prolific breed with litter sizes of up to 10 piglets. They are also excellent foragers and can feed on most plants, including weeds. This makes them excellent candidates for free-range management systems.

The breed is known to have excellent maternal instincts and can produce large amounts of milk for their piglets. This makes them great mothers and also means they can be used as foster mothers for other breeds of piglets.

The breed is also known to have excellent meat quality and flavor. The pork is marbled and tender when roasted or barbequed and is commonly used in gourmet dishes. The breed is also known to produce a large amount of fat, making it ideal for charcuterie and salting.

The Belarus Black Pied pig is a popular breed for shows and competitions. They have an impressive and stately appearance that is admired by many breeders and owners.

The breed is also disease-resistant and is known to have good longevity. They are also known to be one of the most docile breeds of pig, making them ideal for small farms and homes.

The Belarus Black Pied pig is an excellent breed for meat production, showmanship, and companionship. With their remarkable qualities, they are an ideal choice for any pig enthusiast.