The Beltsville Small White is a breed of turkey that originated in Beltsville, Maryland. It is one of the oldest American turkey breeds, and is the only one that has been in continuous production since the 1920s. The Beltsville Small White is a medium-sized bird with a white plumage. It is usually bred for commercial production purposes, since it is a good producer of meat and has a high feed conversion ratio.

The Beltsville Small White is known for its small size and for its excellent meat quality. It averages around nine to eleven pounds when fully grown. The skin color is white, with soft, creamy-white feathers. This breed is also known for its broad, flat breast and low-hanging wings. The beak is medium-length, and the tail is short.

The Beltsville Small White is a docile bird and is relatively easy to raise. It is very hardy and adaptable, with a good tolerance to cold temperatures. The average lifespan of this bird is between nine and twelve years. It is a reliable layer of off-white eggs.

The Beltsville Small White has a good feed conversion rate, producing more meat than it consumes. Its white meat is very tender and juicy, making it a desirable choice for many chefs and consumers. The meat is also low in fat making it a healthy choice.

The Beltsville Small White is considered to be a good bird for hobbyists, since the birds are easy to care for and breed. They are also not susceptible to many diseases, making them a good choice for those who want to keep their birds healthy and productive.

The Beltsville Small White is a great bird for farmers, homesteaders, and hobbyists alike. It is a hardy, efficient, and healthy bird that produces a high-quality meat. With its small size and good feed conversion rate, it is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a good bird to raise for meat or eggs.