The Bengali Brown Shannaj pig is an indigenous breed of pig found in Bangladesh. It is a medium-sized breed with a compact body and short legs. Its fur is a distinctive reddish brown color and it has erect ears and a medium-sized snout.

The breed is known to be highly resistant to diseases and has a high fertility rate. They are also hardy and can survive in extreme temperatures. The pigs are usually raised for meat and lard production, although some are kept as pets.

The Bengali Brown Shannaj can become quite affectionate with their owners if they are given enough attention and care. They are also fairly intelligent and can be trained easily.

The breed is usually fed with a mixture of grains, corn, and other plant-based foods. They also enjoy consuming root vegetables, fruits, and other organic foods. They may also take part in scavenging for food.

The Bengali Brown Shannaj can be easily bred in small areas and are usually kept in large pastures or pens. They are usually bred with other local breeds in order to improve their fertility and increase their hardiness.

The breed usually matures in about 8-9 months and can produce up to 12 piglets per litter. The piglets are usually weaned at 4 weeks old and will reach their full size by 18-24 months of age.

Overall, the Bengali Brown Shannaj is a hardy and docile breed of pig that is easy to keep and can be raised for either meat or lard production. They are relatively disease resistant, highly fertile, and can easily be trained. They are also quite affectionate with their owners and can be a great addition to any home or farm.