The Black turkey is a breed of domesticated turkey known for its stout body, glossy black feathers, and impressive size. The Black turkey is native to North America, where it has been bred and harvested for centuries. It is also known as a Bronze turkey, due to its chestnut-colored feathers, and is the most popular breed of turkey in the United States.

The Black turkey is a large bird, reaching weights of 20-30lbs when full grown. It has a fan-shaped tail, with black feathers that have iridescent bronze highlights. Its neck and breast are a glossy black, while its wings and back are a rich chestnut-brown. The distinctive head and wattles of the Black Turkey are an orange-red.

The Black turkey is a hardy breed and is easily raised in many different climates. They are generally docile in temperament and are easy to manage in a backyard or small farm setting. The Black turkey has excellent meat quality, with a mild, sweet flavor. Its white meat is firm and juicy, and many find it to be one of the tastiest varieties of turkey.

The Black turkey is a well-suited breed for those looking to raise turkeys for table fare or for exhibition. It is an excellent choice for the show ring, as its glossy black feathers and impressive size make it an eye-catching bird. The Black turkey is also popular for breeding, as crosses between the Black turkey and other breeds are known to produce excellent meat quality.

Despite its popularity, the Black turkey is not as widely available as some other breeds. To find a good quality turkey of this breed, you may need to contact a local breeder or hatchery. However, for those who are looking for an impressive and flavorful bird, the Black turkey is a great choice. With its stately appearance and excellent meat quality, the Black turkey makes a delightful addition to any flock.