The Bourbon Red turkey is a breed of domestic turkey that originated in the United States. This turkey is a relatively new breed developed in the late 19th century in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Since then, it has become a popular breed among poultry keepers, as well as in the market for fresh turkeys.

The Bourbon Red is a medium-sized breed of turkey, with the hens weighing in at 16-18 pounds and the toms weighing in at 22-23 pounds. The turkeys have an average frame size, and their feathers are a mahogany red color with black spots speckled throughout. The heads of adult Bourbon Reds are a deep red color, and some will even show a bluish tint to their heads. The wattles and snoods on the males of this breed are also red, and the skin on all breed members is yellow.

The Bourbon Red is known for its sweet, mild flavor. This breed is also an excellent layer, producing large eggs in off season times. Because of their size, they are not as suitable for commercial production, but are a popular choice for small farms and backyard poultry keepers. The Bourbon Red is a hardy breed and adapts well to different climates and terrain.

The Bourbon Red is intelligent and has a calm temperament, which makes it an ideal choice for children. They are also known to be very docile and take to human contact well, making them a great house pet. They also love to forage, searching for food in the grass and vegetation around the yard.

The Bourbon Red has been bred to produce more meat than the other turkey breeds, meaning the meat is more flavorful and juicy. The breasts of the Bourbon Red are plump and succulent, with ample amounts of fat beneath the skin that keeps the meat from drying out during cooking. The legs are also prized for their light texture.

The Bourbon Red is a great choice for any poultry keeper looking for a reliable and tasty bird. With its calm disposition and tasty meat, it is sure to please any poultry enthusiast.