The British Landrace pig breed is a white, lop-eared pig that originated from Britain. With its origins dating back to the 18th century, the British Landrace is a hardy, adaptable breed of pig, that is well suited to a range of farming systems.

The British Landrace is a large breed, with mature sows typically weighing between 250 and 365kg, and boars up to 450kg. Long and muscular, these pigs have a medium-length face, a broad, straight back, and a deep chest. The lop ears of the British Landrace are responsible for their nickname of ‘droppy ears’.

The British Landrace is particularly well-suited to intensive farming systems, as it is an easy keeper. The breed has a good feed conversion ratio, meaning that it is an efficient converter of feed into body growth. At the same time, the British Landrace is considered to be a docile, placid breed, ideal for confinement systems.

The hardy nature of the British Landrace also makes it well-suited to outdoor farming systems. They are an active and inquisitive breed, able to cope with cold temperatures, and make excellent foragers. British Landrace pigs also have good mothering skills, with sows often farrowing large litters of piglets.

The British Landrace is a prolific breed, with high yields of lean, succulent meat. Their white skin and lean meat make the British Landrace popular with butchers and processors. The British Landrace pig is also well-known for its excellent bacon, with the breed having a high percentage of lean meat compared to fat.

The British Landrace is a popular choice in the UK, as its hardy nature makes it well-suited to a range of farming systems. Easy to manage, with a good feed conversion ratio, the British Landrace produces high yields of lean, succulent meat, with excellent bacon.