The Bronze turkey is a breed of domestic turkey, distinguished by its feathers, which are a rich, dark, coppery brown. The Bronze turkey’s feathers are quite striking, and its coloring makes the breed a favorite among many turkey breeders and enthusiasts. The Bronze turkey is also known for its size, as it is one of the largest breeds of domestic turkeys.

The Bronze turkey was developed in England during the mid 1800s by crossing wild turkeys with domestic turkeys, resulting in a breed with a larger and more uniform body shape, with the desired dark brown feathers. These birds were bred specifically for their size and coloring, with breeders intentionally selecting those birds with the most desirable traits.

The Bronze turkey is a hardy bird, and it is well-suited to a variety of climates. It is a reliable layer of eggs, and does well in both free-range and confined living situations. This bird is a good forager, and can often be found wandering the fields in search of food.

The Bronze turkey is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a show-quality bird. Its rich, coppery brown feathers make it a standout in a show ring, and its large size also makes it an attractive choice for the competitive turkey breeder. This breed is also a good choice for those looking for an excellent meat producer, as it yields a high yield of tender meat.

When selecting a Bronze turkey, it is important to look for birds with a good body shape, a deep coppery brown feather color, and a strong, healthy appearance. The birds should be well-fed and free of parasites, as these can affect their growth, health, and meat production.

The Bronze turkey is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a show-quality bird or a reliable meat producer. Its large size, rich brown feathers, and hardiness make it a favorite among many turkey breeders, and it can be found in many parts of the United States. If you’re looking for a reliable, attractive bird, then the Bronze turkey is an excellent choice.