The Bulgarian White pig breed is a long-time favorite amongst pig farmers in Bulgaria. This breed is well-suited for many environments as it is resistant to many diseases and adaptable to a variety of climatic conditions. It is a hardy breed that does well in both hot and cold temperatures.

The pig is large and muscular with a coat of white hair. The ears are short and erect and the nose is pointed. Its legs are short and strong and the tail is thick and curly. The average adult weight for a Bulgarian White pig is between 300 and 500 pounds.

The breed is known for being a prolific breeder and for delivering large litters. It also reproduces fairly quickly, with sows ready to be bred again at 12-16 weeks after delivering. The sows are known to be gentle and protective mothers.

These pigs have excellent foraging abilities and do well in pasture-based systems. They thrive on a variety of feeds, including grass, grains, hay, and root crops. The Bulgarian White pigs are also resistant to parasites and are generally more hardy than other breeds.

Despite their size, the Bulgarian White pigs are relatively docile and easy to handle. They are friendly and alert, and can be trained to obey commands. This breed is also known for being quiet, so they are suitable for farms close to residential areas.

The Bulgarian White is a great choice for farmers looking for a hardy, prolific, and easy to manage breed. Its hardiness, docility and ability to do well in a variety of climates make it an excellent choice for pork production. With the proper care and nutrition, these pigs can provide a great source of meat for many years.