The Celtic pig is a hardy, robust breed, that is used in many parts of the United Kingdom. Originally, it was bred for its excellent bacon and pork qualities, which still remain as the primary use for the breed today. It has also been used for its ease of management and its excellent mothering skills, allowing it to raise large litters of piglets.

The Celtic pig is known for its large and robust body, with an average shoulder height from 80 to 90 cm. Its coat is usually white or pink with wavy hair, and its body is generally well-muscled. It also has a wide flat back and a long neck.

The breed has a good temperament and is relatively easy to care for. It is known for its hardiness and has the ability to thrive in a variety of conditions, from cold and wet weather in the UK to the more extreme temperatures of other parts of Europe.

When it comes to feeding, Celtic pigs are very efficient converters of food, meaning they can generate a higher yield per kilo of feed. This makes them economical to keep. As well as their feed efficiency they have also evolved to have strong stomachs, meaning they are able to maintain a healthy weight with minimal risk of becoming overweight.

Celtic pigs are hardy enough to survive the harsh climatic conditions in the UK, although they do prefer to live in a warm and dry environment. They are a good choice for outdoor farms as they require little extra shelter or housing. This is because the breed has a thick double coat, allowing it to stay warm in cold weather.

Celtic pigs are well known for their mothering skills. They are protective of their young and will take good care of their piglets. This makes them an ideal choice for farmers wanting to raise a litter of piglets safely and quickly.

The breed is also known for its friendly and sociable behaviour with humans, although they can be aggressive if they are not properly socialised. They get along well with other animals and can make good companions for other livestock.

Overall, the Celtic pig is an ideal breed for farmers and smallholders who are looking for a hardy and easy to manage breed that will give them an excellent yield of pork and bacon. With its good mothering skills, efficient rate of feed conversion, and sociable nature, the Celtic pig is an excellent choice for any farming situation.