The Chato Murciano pig is a large breed of swine native to the region of Murcia in Spain. It is an ancient breed, with its origins dating back to pre-Roman times. It is believed to be related to the Ibérico pig, which is believed to be the ancestor of many modern pig breeds.

The Chato Murciano is a hardy and active breed, with adults weighing 250 to 350 kg when fully grown. They are usually black with white markings on their legs, face and feet. They have long, well-muscled bodies with long, straight legs and high-set ears. They have an attractive, glossy coat with a thick and bushy mane.

The Chato Murciano is known for its excellent foraging ability, and can often be seen rooting around in search of acorns and other food sources. They are highly adaptable, and can thrive in a wide range of climates and conditions.

The Chato Murciano is a prolific breed, with an average litter size of 8-10 piglets. They are easy to handle, and known for their docile and gentle natures. They are also very intelligent and have a good memory, making them easy to train.

The Chato Murciano is a dual-purpose breed, valued both for its excellent meat quality and its easy-care nature. The meat is juicy and tender, with a slightly sweet flavor that makes it popular among food lovers. The fat is creamy and well-marbled with an attractive golden hue.

The Chato Murciano is a great choice for the smallholder or homesteader, as they are low-maintenance and require minimal space. They are an ideal choice for a free-range system, as they love to forage and explore.

The Chato Murciano is an ideal breed for those looking for an attractive and easy-care pig. They are hardy, adaptable and provide an excellent source of delicious, nutritious meat.