The Chester White breed of pigs is well known for their mild tempered and docile nature. They are a good choice for keeping as livestock, as their temperament is easy to manage. They are also very hardy and can withstand adverse weather conditions.

The Chester white breed of pigs is a medium to large sized pig, usually reaching around 600 to 900 pounds as adults. They are white in color, with black spots or stripes along the back. Their distinctive white coats are a result of a recessive gene.

Chester White pigs have been bred for their strong carcass conformation and their ability to produce quality pork. They have a deep body, wide chest, and good muscling. The hams and shoulders are especially well-developed, giving them an ideal shape for pork production.

The Chester White also produces quality milk. Sows are able to feed their litters without difficulty and can wean large litters of piglets. They are also highly prolific and have the ability to have up to 25 piglets in a single litter.

Chester White pigs are a great choice for a backyard or small farm setting. They are relatively docile and tend to be less active than some other breeds, making them easier to handle. They can also be used in 4-H and show competitions.

Chester White pigs need to be fed a balanced diet consisting of high-quality grains, as well as hay, grass, and plenty of green feed. They need access to clean water at all times and should be given a regular source of vitamins and minerals.

Overall, the Chester White breed of pigs is a great choice for both small and large farms. Their mild temperaments and strong carcasses make them an ideal choice for producing quality pork. They are also able to produce large litters and milk, making them a great choice for those looking to raise their own livestock.