Fengling pig is a breed of pig native to China known for its hardiness and adaptability to harsh environments. It is primarily used for meat production but can also be used for lard and bacon. The breed is known for its good taste and high meat yield.

Fengling pigs are medium-sized with a light yellow to white coat. They have a moderate build, long ears, and long legs. The breed is hardy and can handle outdoor temperatures well and is also known for its longevity. The sow’s nipples are long and extend to her groin, allowing for easier farrowing.

Fengling pigs are quite prolific, with the sow capable of producing two litters per year. They are also known for their maternal instincts, with the sow providing adequate care for her litters. The piglets are also known for their vigor and growth rate, with good milk production from the sow aiding in growth.

Fengling pigs are also known for their hardiness and ability to adapt well to their environment. The breed is known to have good resistance to disease and parasites, in addition to being able to withstand harsh climates. They can also live well on a diet consisting of kitchen waste, roots, grains, and greens.

Fengling pigs are an ideal pig for small farmers and homesteaders, as they are easy to manage and can provide a good source of sustainable meat production. The breed is also known for its good taste and high meat yield. The pigs are also quite resistant to disease and their meat is relatively lean.

Overall, Fengling pigs are a hardy, adaptable, and prolific breed that is well-suited for small-scale meat production. Due to their good taste and high meat yield, they are an ideal choice for homesteaders and small-scale farmers. Their hardiness, good maternal instincts, and resistance to disease make them a great choice for those looking for a sustainable meat source.