The Forest Mountain breed of pig is an incredibly unique and versatile breed that has been traditionally used as a foraging pig. This pig is a small to medium sized breed, usually having a white body and a black head. The exact size and weight can vary from one to another, but generally these pigs will weigh around 200-250lbs when fully grown.

The Forest Mountain pig is a hardy and independent breed, able to forage for themselves in wooded and mountainous areas. This breed is known for its intelligence, strength and excellent sense of smell. It is an ideal breed for the homesteader or small scale farmer, as it can be easily trained and will readily accept human interaction.

The Forest Mountain pig is an omnivore, capable of grazing on grasses, herbs, roots, and even some small animals. It has strong legs that make it especially effective at traversing rough terrain and steep slopes in search of food. The pigs are also strong swimmers and can easily traverse bodies of water in search of food. Additionally, this breed of pig is incredibly adaptable and can handle a wide range of climates and living conditions.

This pig breed has a long and distinguished history, with ancient artifacts of its existence being found throughout Europe and Asia. It is believed that the pigs were first domesticated and used as food during the Stone Age. Over time, it has been used for meat, lard, and hide production in various regions. As a result, the Forest Mountain pig has been selectively bred and modified to suit the needs of the farmer.

The Forest Mountain pig is a unique breed that is highly valued in many regions. Its distinctive coloring, independent nature, and strong legs make it a popular choice for the homesteader or small scale farmer. This breed is also prized for its versatility, as it is able to forage for itself, swim, and traverse difficult terrain in search of food. If you are looking for a hardy and independent pig breed, then the Forest Mountain breed is an excellent choice.