The Gascon pig is a large, white-furred pig breed from the Southwestern region of France. It is a member of the Large White group of pigs, and is one of the most popular pig breeds in Europe. Though it is mostly known for its use in making sausage, the Gascon pig is also suitable for slaughter and pork production.

The Gascon pig is a hardy and strong animal that can survive in both hot and cold climates. It is well-suited to outdoor living, and is relatively resistant to disease. It is a medium-sized breed, with adults weighing between 400 and 500 kilograms. The pig’s coat is of a white color, with hair standing off from the body rather than lying flat. The ears are long and droop over the eyes.

The Gascon pig is a slow-growing pig, taking up to two years to reach slaughter weight. It is relatively docile, although it can become aggressive in adulthood. The breed is known for producing high-quality pork and is used extensively in both commercial and small-scale farming. The flesh is tender and flavorful, with good marbling throughout.

The Gascon pig is highly adaptable and can be raised either in a confinement or on pasture. When raised outdoors, the pigs are given access to fresh grass and other vegetation, as well as plenty of exercise. The breed is also known for producing a high-quality, lean bacon. The pig is also used to produce salami, sausages, and boudin blanc, a traditional French blood sausage.

The Gascon pig is a rustic breed, and has been used in the region for centuries. It is highly prized for its adaptability and for its ability to produce excellent-quality pork. As a result, the Gascon pig is an excellent choice for farmers who are looking to produce a high-quality, flavorful pork.