The Hampshire pig is an American pig breed known for its hardiness, high mothering abilities, excellent feed conversion and a quiet and docile nature. The Hampshire breed is identified by its black body color with a white belt that encircles its shoulders and continues down to its hindquarters. This striking feature distinguishes the Hampshire from other pigs.

The Hampshire was developed in the 1800s by the Hampshire Hog Breeders Association in the Hampshire County of England. It is believed that the breed originated from a cross between the Berkshire and the Essex pig. The breed was developed to have a hardy constitution and was able to thrive in a variety of climates, making it suitable for farmers in the US who may have to move their pigs around the country with the changing weather.

The Hampshire is a medium to large size pig with a wide and heavy skeleton. Hampshire pigs have white hair with a straight back and a relatively deep and broad body. The breed has a large head and a moderately long snout. The Hampshire pig has a well-shaped neck and a broad chest and can stand between 18-20 inches tall, and have an average weight between 280 and 390 pounds.

Hampshire pigs are known for their excellent mothering abilities and they quickly produce large litters of pigs. This makes them ideal for commercial pork production. Their strong constitution and efficient feed conversion also make them ideal for raising in confined spaces. Hampshire pigs are also known for being quiet and docile animals, which makes them a popular choice for pet pig owners.

Hampshire pigs are known for their meat quality and their carcasses are often prized for their lean and juicy pork. The breed is also highly sought after for its hides, which are often used to make leather products such as wallets and bags.

The Hampshire breed is a hardy and reliable breed of pig that is well-suited to a variety of climates and is an excellent choice for commercial pork production. They are known for their mothering abilities, efficient feed conversion, quiet and docile nature, and their prized meat quality. The Hampshire breed can be a great choice for ranchers and family farms alike.