Hogan Pig is a breed of pig primarily raised for meat production. Hogan Pig is a rare breed of pig, originating in the United States. It is a cross between a black Hampshire, a red Berkshire, and a spotted Poland China pig.

The Hogan Pig has a unique look that can be instantly recognized in the show ring. The head is broad and round, the ears are long and droopy, and the legs and back are straight and stout. The breed often has white patches or a white stripe down its back. Hogan Pigs have long, sparse guard hairs and short, fine undercoat.

The Hogan Pig’s temperament is said to be gentle and docile, which makes them easy to work with and manage. They are known for being hardy and disease resistant, and are highly adaptable to various climates and production conditions.

Hogan Pigs typically grow to be larger than most other breeds, with adult males averaging 800-1000 pounds and adult females averaging 600-800 pounds. They are known for being good mothers, with average litter sizes of eight to ten piglets.

Hogan Pigs are considered very efficient eaters, as they are known for being good foragers and highly feed-efficient. Their meat is lean and high-quality, making them attractive to both consumers and producers.

Due to their size and feed efficiency, Hogan Pigs are often used in pasture-based production systems. They also do well in confinement, with the right feed and management.

Hogan Pigs are an excellent choice for those interested in producing high-quality pork with a minimal environmental impact. With its gentle temperament, efficient feed conversion, and disease resistant characteristics, the Hogan Pig is an ideal breed for small-scale and hobby farmers.