The Huntingdon Black pig is an ancient English breed that dates back at least to the 15th century. It is a hardy breed that is particularly suited to the cold English climate and is capable of thriving in much harsher conditions than other breeds. The Huntingdon Black pig is a large breed, with boars typically weighing between 650 and 900 pounds and sows about 300 to 400. The breed has distinctive black or dark brown hair, with white patches sometimes visible on the snout, chest, and legs.

The Huntingdon Black is an active and hardy breed, making them easy to manage and an ideal pig for the small-scale or hobby farmer. They are known to be friendly and docile animals that are not overly aggressive. They are also quite quick to mature, reaching a marketable weight in about six months.

The Huntingdon Black pig is an excellent forager, able to find most of its food on its own. Given the right environment, the Huntingdon Black can effectively forage for its own food, reducing or even eliminating the need for feed supplementation. In addition to foraging, the Huntingdon Black is an excellent grazer and can easily adjust to a feed ration without much trouble.

When slaughtered, the carcass of a Huntingdon Black pig yields a high quality meat that is well-marbled and rich in flavor. The breed is well-suited to pork production, due to its advantageous carcass yield and the presence of excellent eating pork.

The Huntingdon Black is an excellent choice for those looking for a hardy, independent breed suitable for small-scale or hobby farms. The breed does not require a lot of feed supplementation, is easy to manage, and produces an excellent quality of meat. The breed’s ability to thrive in cold climates makes it well-suited for those in cooler climates, and its docile nature makes it a great choice for those looking for calm, friendly animals.