Kemerovo pig is a pig breed that originated in the Kemerovo Region of Siberia in Russia. It is a medium-sized breed of pig with a sleek and muscular body. Kemerovo pigs are known for their hardiness, growing well in cold climates, and their meat is said to have a unique taste.

The Kemerovo pig has a glossy black coat and white markings on its face, neck, and flank. Its head is usually broad and it has small ears and a short snout. Its average weight ranges from 250 to 300 kg and its body length is usually up to 150 cm.

Kemerovo pigs are considered to be one of the most productive pig breeds in Russia. They are well adapted to harsh climates and can withstand extreme temperatures, so they are suitable for outdoor farming in Northern and Eastern Russia. In addition, they have a good feed conversion efficiency, meaning they require less feed than other breeds.

Kemerovo pigs are known for their high meat yield, with a carcass yield of up to 75%. The meat is juicy and has a good layer of fat, making it ideal for charcuterie and smoked products. The Kemerovo pig also has a high quality lard which is used in culinary dishes.

The Kemerovo pig is a hardy breed and is relatively easy to keep. It is resistant to disease and can handle the cold, so it does not require much in the way of housing and care. However, it does need to be provided with adequate feed, water, and exercise.

The Kemerovo pig is becoming increasingly popular among small farmers in Russia who are looking for a productive breed that is easy to take care of. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a hardy and productive breed of pig.