The Latvian White pig is a rare breed of pig that is native to Latvia. This breed of pig was developed in the late 19th century for food production. It is primarily used for pork production, but is also used for bacon, sausage, and other pork products.

The Latvian White pig has a solid white coat with a pinkish shading around its nose and eyes. It has short, straight, and dense hair that is finer and softer than other breeds of pig. The pig has a wide head and thick, short ears that sit close to its face. Its body is short and compact with a broad back and deep chest. The legs and feet are well-proportioned, and the tail is short and curl.

The Latvian White pig is a hardy pig that can thrive in most climates. It is resistant to temperature variations, and can live in a variety of housing systems. Pigs that are raised for meat should be fed a balanced diet that includes grains, roots, and foliage.

The Latvian White pig is a docile breed that is easy to handle and manage. The breed is known for its high growth rate and good feed efficiency, making it an efficient choice for pork production. It is also known for its excellent mothering skills and it is known to produce good-quality piglets.

The Latvian White pig is also known to throw large litters, often with nine or more piglets. The breed is also known to have a good fertility rate and to produce a high number of lean and high-quality hams. It is also known for its excellent taste.

The Latvian White pig is a great choice for pork production. Its good feed efficiency, hardiness, and excellent mothering skills make it a great choice for pork production. Its high fertility rate and large litters ensure that there will be a good number of piglets available to meet the demand for pork products. And its excellent taste ensures that those products will be high-quality.