The Li Yan pig is an ancient breed found in the Shaanxi province of China. It is a large breed, often reaching around 800 pounds or more, and its distinctive black and white patches make it a striking sight. Its muscular stature and strong legs allow it to travel long distances, often times foraging for food.

The Li Yan pig is well-known for its hardiness and ability to adapt to different climates. It is a versatile breed and able to thrive in many environments. It has a thick, waterproof coat that helps regulate its body temperature and protects it from the cold.

The Li Yan pig is a productive breed, producing lean and flavorful pork. Its meat is sweet and juicy and well-suited to several cooking methods. The hams and bacon from a Li Yan pig are particularly sought after as they can have a unique flavor.

The Li Yan pig is also a friendly breed and makes an excellent companion pig. They are quite intelligent and can learn tricks and commands with ease. These pigs usually form strong bonds with their humans and can even recognize their caretakers from a distance.

Li Yan pigs are known to require very little maintenance. They are clean animals and do not need to be washed or groomed like other breeds. They can be easily trained and are quite tolerant of human interaction.

The Li Yan pig is an excellent choice for homesteaders and those looking for a productive, friendly, and hardy breed. Its distinct look, excellent meat quality, and resilient nature make it a great addition for any family that is looking for a pet or livestock.