The Middle White pig is a breed of large white domestic pig originating in England in the mid-19th century. It is noted for its thick white coat and long snout. In the United Kingdom, it is sometimes called the ‘Old English’ pig. The Middle White is a hardy breed and is well adapted to outdoor living.

The Middle White is a relatively rare breed with an average herd size of about 30 animals. It is one of the oldest British breeds of pigs still in existence. It is an ideal pig for family keepers due to its docility and ease of care. It is also a good choice for those wanting to keep pigs for their meat.

Middle White pigs are of medium size and have heavy boned frame. They are typically white in color; there are also occasional black or piebald Middle Whites. They are noted for being a very robust, hardy pig and are able to withstand the harsher weather conditions of the British Isles. They are well adapted to outdoor living and have good grazing ability.

Middle White pigs have strong legs, broad chest and a short back. They have a long snout, with a deep jaw and a wide mouth. Their eyes are almond-shaped and set close together. They have sparse hair and a thick white coat. They also have a good amount of fat which makes them ideal for producing high quality meat.

Middle White pigs have an exceptionally quiet temperament and are very patient animals. They are very friendly and tend to get along well with other animals. They are also very inquisitive and enjoy exploring new environments. They generally have a good appetite and are easy to feed.

The Middle White pig is a good choice for those wanting to raise pigs for their meat. They are a large breed of pig and produce a high quality, lean meat. It is an ideal breed for small-scale homesteaders or family farmers due to their hardiness and easy nature.