The Murom pig is a domesticated breed of pig that is native to the Russian town of Murom, located near the Volga River. It is a medium-sized pig, with an average weight of 350-400 pounds for males and 250-300 pounds for females. It is a hardy breed, capable of withstanding cold temperatures and is well-suited to outdoor life in northern Russian climates.

Murom pigs have a reddish-brown coat and short legs. Their skin is thick and elastic, and their ears are small and pointed. The breed is known for high fertility and the ability to produce large litters of piglets. In addition, the Murom pig is known for its meat quality, which is rich, flavorful and tender.

Murom pigs are used extensively in the Russian meat industry, with the majority of their meat being sold domestically. They are also used for breeding purposes, as the breed is known for its high growth rate and good milk production. Murom pigs have also been exported to other countries including the United States, where they have been used to improve the quality of bacon and sausage.

Murom pigs are quite intelligent and social animals. They typically live in large family groups and are quite friendly towards humans. They are good-natured, docile animals, and will quickly become accustomed to their handlers. The breed is also known for its excellent mothering ability, and high maternal instincts.

Murom pigs are relatively disease resistant, however they can be prone to obesity if improperly fed. It is important to provide them with a balanced diet, and to monitor their weight on a regular basis. While the breed is typically low maintenance, they do require a good amount of space in order to properly exercise and roam freely.

Overall, the Murom pig is an excellent choice for those seeking a superior quality of pork meat and bacon, as well as a friendly and hardy animal to keep as a pet. This breed is capable of withstanding cold temperatures, has a high growth rate, and produces large litters of piglets. They are also known for their intelligence and docility, and make an excellent farm animal.