The Myrhorod pig breed is native to Ukraine, and is used primarily as a meat pig. It is a hardy animal that is adapted to the extreme climate of the winter and summer temperatures in Ukraine. The Myrhorod pig is a medium-sized breed that has a conformation similar to other European pigs, with a strong body, thick neck, and a short tail.

The breed is a very productive pig, and will produce an average of 200kg of meat per year, compared to other breeds that may only produce 150kg of meat per year. The Myrhorod pig is also relatively disease resistant, and is thought to be able to withstand diseases that other breeds may be prone to, such as swine fever and foot-and-mouth disease.

The Myrhorod pig has a light brown or reddish coat, and its face is usually white. The breed is also known for its exceptional fertility, with the sows having an average litter size of ten piglets. The piglets are also known for their robust health, which is attributed to the breed’s excellent genetics and hardiness.

The Myrhorod pig is mainly used for meat production, but it is also a good choice for those who are looking for a companion animal. The breed is known for its docile and friendly nature, and it is an easy going animal that loves to play. It is also a great choice for people who would like to raise pigs for show, or for those wanting to breed their own stock.

In Ukraine, the Myrhorod pig flourishes, as it is able to withstand the cold, and it is also popular for its excellent meat quality and yield. The breed is also gaining popularity in other countries, as it is becoming increasingly recognized for its excellent characteristics. Myrhorod pigs are a great choice for those looking for a productive and hardy pig with a personality.