The Red Wattle hog is a breed of pig native to the United States. It is medium-sized, with an average height of around 30-36 inches. The breed is known for its red-speckled coat and its wattles, which hang down from its neck. The wattles are longer on males than on females.

The Red Wattle is a hardy and intelligent breed of pig, and is well adapted to outdoor living. It is an easy-going breed that is rarely aggressive and is easily handled. It is a slow-growing breed, and can take up to 6 years to reach full maturity. Due to its slow growth and hardiness, the Red Wattle is well suited to free-range or pasture-raised farming.

When it comes to their diet, Red Wattle hogs are opportunistic eaters that prefer a varied diet of grass, roots, and other vegetation. They can also be fed grains, like corn and oats, as well as fruits and vegetables.

Red Wattle hogs are good foragers and can be used to manage pastures and suppress weeds. They are also good at controlling insects and other pests.

The Red Wattle is a prolific breed, with sows able to produce litters of up to eight piglets. The breed is known for its mothering ability, with sows being very protective of their young.

Red Wattle hogs have been used in many commercial farming operations for many years, as well as for show pigs. The breed is also becoming increasingly popular as a homestead pig, due to its hardiness, intelligence, mothering ability, and prolificacy.

In many parts of the world, the Red Wattle hog is becoming increasingly rare due to industrial farming practices. However, there are still isolated pockets of the breed that can be found in farms across the United States.

If you are looking for a breed of pig that is well-adapted to outdoor living, intelligent, and easy to manage, then the Red Wattle hog is a great option. Its hardiness, intelligence, and mothering ability make it a great choice for both commercial farming and homesteading.