Royal Palm turkeys are a beautiful, glossy black breed of turkeys with white bars and white wing feathers. They are a medium-sized breed of turkey, and they are known for their active, alert behavior. Their broad, fan-shaped tails are very attractive and their white wing feathers stand out against their black feathers making them look unique.

Royal Palm turkeys are known to have a more mellow temperament than other breeds, which makes them well-suited to backyard raising. They are also an excellent source of lean protein. They are also relatively low-maintenance, requiring less space than some of the larger breeds.

This breed is very popular for its lively, energetic personality and its ability to adapt to the environment. They are one of the easier breeds to raise, as they can be kept in small coops and don’t require extensive care. They also do well in foraging, taking advantage of local vegetation and bugs.

Royal Palm turkeys are known for their excellent egg production, as well as their tasty meat. They lay a good number of eggs, and the meat is lean and delicious. They also have a good feed-conversion rate, meaning that they can get more out of the food they eat.

When it comes to breeding, Royal Palm turkeys are known to be very successful, and their chicks have a high hatch rate. They are also known to be fairly broody, meaning they will sit on their eggs and take care of their chicks.

Overall, Royal Palm turkeys are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a breed that is both attractive and easy to raise. They are low-maintenance, have an active personality, lay delicious eggs, and produce excellent lean meat. They are also sociable and do well living in small flocks, making them a great backyard bird.