The Siberian Black Pied pig is a medium-sized breed that is both hardy and attractive. This breed is known for its bristly black and white coat and thick build. The Siberian Black Pied pig originates from Siberia and was further developed in Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, and France.

These pigs are docile, intelligent, and easy to handle, making them a popular choice for homesteaders and hobby farmers. They are also very hardy and can survive in cold climates with very little shelter or protection from the elements. They have a strong appetite for both pasture and grain, and they can be very productive when managed properly.

The Siberian Black Pied pig has a small head and ears, and its legs are long and straight. Its body is wide and deep, and its skin is quite loose. Its coat is made of stiff, short bristles and is mostly black in color with white patches or spots. These pigs usually weigh about 350 to 400 pounds and can reach heights of up to three feet.

This breed is known for its excellent fertility and mothering traits. These pigs can produce up to 12 piglets in a litter and are known to be good mothers. They are also prolific breeders and can have up to two litters per year.

The Siberian Black Pied pig is not only popular for its hardiness and mothering traits, but also for its meat. It is known for its tender texture, high-quality leanness, and delicious flavor. This breed is also a good choice for bacon, ham, and pork products.

The Siberian Black Pied pig is a good choice for those looking for a hardy and attractive pig breed that is easy to manage, gentle, intelligent, and productive. Its excellent fertility, mothering abilities, and high-quality meat make it an ideal choice for both experienced and novice farmers alike.