The Turopolje pig breed, native to Croatia, is an ancient breed that is still popular today. It’s large size and rustic coloring make it an ideal choice for homesteaders, smallholders, and commercial farmers alike. The breed is hardy and easy to maintain, and thus suitable for a variety of climates. Turopolje is an all-purpose pig, used for both meat and lard production, as well as other products.

The large size of the Turopolje breed is one of its most notable features. Adults typically weigh between 600-800 pounds, making them larger than many other breeds. The breed also has a thick hide and copious amounts of fat, making it an ideal choice for colder climates and winter grazing. The pigs have a reddish-brown coat with white spots and patches along the head and back.

The breed is adaptable to both hot and cold climates, but perform best when living on pasture. Turopolje has shown to do well in both intensive and extensive production systems, and can tolerate poor quality feeds. They have good fertility rates, averaging 10-12 piglets per litter, and the sows are known for being good mothers.

The breed is known for being easy going, making them an ideal choice for homesteaders and smallholders. They can be docile and make good pets for those looking for a companion animal. Whatever the purpose, the Turopolje pig is sure to be a great addition to any farm.

The breed has a long history in Croatia, where it’s genetically linked to earliest domesticated swine in the area. The breed was a staple of the local cuisine, and was also used in a variety of other products. Cheese, sausages, and cured meats were all made with Turopolje pork.

Today, the breed is still popular in its native Croatia, as well as in several other European countries such as Hungary and the Czech Republic. With its hardy nature and versatility, the Turopolje pig breed is a great choice for homesteaders, smallholders, and commercial farmers alike.