The Urzhum pig is a rare breed of pig native to Russia, bred mainly in the Urzhum area of the Kostroma Oblast. It is a medium-sized pig, with a slightly elongated snout, long ears, and a white head and body. The Urzhum pig is hardy and capable of adapting to a wide variety of climates and conditions, making it a popular choice for farmers in the region.

The Urzhum pig is a very muscular breed, with a strong build, which makes it well-suited for traditional pork production. It has an excellent feed-to-meat conversion rate, meaning that farmers can get a lot of meat from a smaller amount of feed. This makes it a very cost effective breed for farmers.

The Urzhum pig is also known for its tasty meat. Its meat is lean and tender, with a pleasant flavor that makes it a favorite in the region. It is low in fat and high in proteins, making it a healthy choice for a variety of dishes.

The breed is also well-suited to life outdoors. It has a thick coat of fur that helps it to tolerate cold temperatures, and it also has a good tolerance for heat. The Urzhum pig is also known for its placid temperament, and is not considered to be an aggressive breed.

The Urzhum pig is known for its hardiness and adaptability, making it a good choice for a variety of agricultural settings. It has a good reproductive rate, with sows having an average of 8-10 piglets per litter.

The Urzhum pig is well-suited to a wide range of diets, from grains to forages, and even roots and tubers. This makes it a versatile and cost-effective choice for farmers.

The Urzhum pig has been used in crossbreeding with other breeds in order to create hybrid pigs that are more hardy and productive. This makes it an excellent choice for farmers looking to increase their yields and produce high-quality hogs.

The Urzhum pig is an important part of agricultural life in the Urzhum area of Russia, and is an excellent choice for any farmer looking for a hardy, productive, and tasty breed of pig.