The West French White pig is a breed that originates from the west of France, hence its name. With white fur and a slightly rounded nose, this pig is easily identified among other breeds.

The West French White pig is a medium-sized animal and generally reaches a weight of between 200 and 250 lbs when fully grown. Its back is slightly arched and its legs are of moderate length. It has a short, wide snout and small ears that are positioned low on its head.

The West French White pig is a great choice if you are looking for a breed that is hardy and able to withstand harsher conditions. This breed is quite tolerant to both hot and cold temperatures and can survive on limited amounts of food and water.

The West French White pig is known for its excellent mothering skills. It is an attentive mother and is known to produce large litters with few stillborns. This breed also matures quickly and is an excellent choice for those looking to bring their pork products to market quickly.

The West French White pig is known to be a relatively docile breed and is generally calm and gentle even when provoked. This breed is also very easily trained and can be managed with minimal effort.

The West French White is a great choice for both commercial and backyard pork operations. This breed is known for its high quality meat and is both flavorful and tender. The meat is lean and therefore a healthier choice than many other breeds.

The West French White pig is an ideal breed for anyone looking for a hardy and versatile pig that will produce excellent quality meat. This breed is known to be easy to care for and its docile nature and mothering skills make it an excellent choice for both experienced and novice hog producers.