The White Holland turkey breed is a medium-size, unique bird that is distinguished by its pure white feathers and pinkish skin. It is among the oldest and most popular breeds among poultry enthusiasts.

The White Holland turkey has a long, broad back, a wide chest, and a sloping keel. It has a small head with a striking snood, which is the fleshy tissue that covers the beak. It has white feathers with occasional silvery and golden tips, which is why it is known as a white breed.

The White Holland has long wings with a good proportion of tips, giving it solid flying ability and a good amount of gliding ability. They are fast and able to make sharp turns in the air.

The White Holland is also known for its good table qualities, having a high meat-to-bone ratio. The meat has a tender texture. Its eggs are medium to large and usually light-brown in color.

The White Holland is a hardy breed that is known for being one of the longest-living breeds. It has a long life expectancy and is able to adapt to many different conditions. It is tolerant of most weather conditions and rarely falls ill.

The White Holland is a good choice for backyard poultry keepers and small farms. The birds do not require a lot of maintenance and can be managed easily. They are curious birds and tend to be friendly to humans and other animals.

The White Holland is an ideal show bird, as its white feathers and pinkish skin draw attention to the bird. It continues to be a sought after breed for those looking for a unique and attractive poultry companion.