Wuzishan pigs are a breed of pig native to the Wuzishan mountain region in China and are one of the smallest breeds of pot-bellied pigs. They are known for their small size, which can range from 90cm- 110cm in length, and weigh between 40-60 kg. The Wuzishan pig has a broad forehead with small drooping ears that are slightly rounded at the tips. Their nose is wide, supported by fleshy nostrils. They have short necks and oval bodies, and their legs are short and muscular. They are naturally inclined to be lean and have a prominent muscular development. Their color can range from black, grey, and white, with hues of brown and red occasionally appearing on their coat.

Wuzishan pigs are a hardy breed that is known for its good health and disease resistance. They have high feed conversion efficiency, which allows them to thrive on minimal feed resources. They are easy to handle and have a docile nature, making them an ideal breed for both beginners and experienced pig farmers alike.

The Wuzishan pig is an omnivore, meaning they enjoy foraging for food and will eat a variety of vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, and insects. They are also very fond of milk. When properly cared for, these pigs can live for up to 15 years.

The Wuzishan pig breed is also known for its good mothering abilities. The sows are known to nurture their piglets to health and care for them in the same way as other domesticated animals. The young pigs are weaned at an early age and are usually ready for slaughter at the age of 4 months.

This particular breed of pig is highly sought after for its lean meat, which is known for its rich taste. Traditionally, the Wuzishan pig was primarily used for lard production, but today it is also used for production of sausage, bacon, and other pork products.

Overall, the Wuzishan pig is an ideal choice for farmers who are looking for a hardy, disease-resistant pig with good mothering abilities. Their lean meat is highly sought after and their small size makes them an easy to manage breed. The Wuzishan pig is a great choice for both beginner and experienced pig farmers alike.