The Yanan pig is a domestic pig breed that originated in the Shaanxi province in China. This breed is also known as the Yanbei pig, and has been around for centuries. It is widely used as a commercial pig breed for its large size and good quality meat.

The Yanan pig is a large-bodied animal with an average weight of around 500 kilograms. The breed has a long body, with a straight back and short legs. Its coat is mostly black, but it can also be grey or white. The ears are often floppy, but some individuals have erect ears.

The Yanan pig is a hardy breed that is able to withstand harsh environments and has adapted to living in extreme temperatures. It is also resistant to diseases and parasites, which makes it an ideal breed for outdoor production.

The Yanan pig has a strong digestive system that is able to process large quantities of feed quickly and efficiently, making it an economical choice for farmers. This breed is also efficient at converting feed into muscle and fat, resulting in a lean, high-quality meat.

The Yanan pig is a docile breed that is easy to manage and handle. It is also relatively calm and quiet, which makes it ideal for commercial producers who want a quiet and well-behaved animal in their herd.

The Yanan pig is known for its excellent meat quality. It produces lean, healthy meat with a good flavour that is well sought after by consumers. This breed is also known for its fast rate of growth, with the animals reaching maturity quickly and efficiently.

The Yanan pig is becoming increasingly popular as a commercial breed due to its excellent meat quality and hardiness. As a result, it has become one of the most popular pig breeds in China, and is gaining popularity in other countries in Asia as well.